Whether it be in the area of bilingualism, details on the delivery of services in English or French in your area of specialization, language testing, training or translation, New Avenues Linguistic Services inc. will be pleased to share with you their more than thirty years of experience in the field.

Test Design

NALS firmly believes that the language proficiency of employees should be assessed as it pertains to their occupation and not as per knowledge of the overall structure of the language. This is the reason why we launched into the design of occupationally-related language tests as early as 1984 and continue to add more each year.

Human Resources

NALS has been involved in Human Resources Management ever since it opened its doors. NALS staff can assist in drawing up language standards, analyzing the composition of a department to determine the percentage of staff who shoud be functional and make recommandations to meet the need.

Presentations to Management, Board of Directors and unions can be arranged.

Linguistic Profiles

Purpose: Give Human Resource professionals and administrators an objective tool to determine the level of linguistic proficiency needed for employees or candidates to function in a given position.

A linguistic profile is an objective tool which determines the linguistic requirements the incumbent of a position needs, to be able to fulfill the tasks and responsibilities of a particular position (i.e. a data entry clerk or food service attendant does not require the same level of second language proficiency as a 911 Operator).

Linguistic profiles must be based on job description requirements and not on an individual already providing services within a position.

Linguistic profiles encompass all communication skills: oral expression, oral comprehension, reading comprehension and written expression.

NALS designs the required profiles according to the scale the customer prefers.