New Avenues Linguistic Services inc. firmly believes that the language proficiency of employees should be assessed as it pertains to their occupation and not as per knowledge of the overall structure of the language. This is the reason why we launched into the design of occupationally-related language tests as early as 1984 and continue to add more each year.

Placement tests and language assessments for hiring purposes are not used for the same purpose.

Job-specific Language Assessments

It is often essential for Human Resources professionals to ascertain proficiency in the English and/or French language of employees or candidates. Language assessment is valid and desirable in determining the strengths and weaknesses of employees’ language skills.

Placement Tests
At NALS, a placement test is used to determine what a candidate knows as per a language training program distribution of levels in order to PLACE the candidate in the appropriate program level. It has nothing to do with measuring the second language knowledge of a candidate as per the occupation he or she is in or wants to be in.