Recruiting part-time teaching staff (evenings):
We are always looking for instructors of French as a second language for adults. We require a high standard of our teaching staff.

The type of candidate we are looking for must have the following qualifications:
• a university degree in linguistics, teaching, or some field related to our client base (this could be in nursing, allied health professions, education, legal, insurance or management);
• teaching experience in teaching second language to adults;
• strong organizational skills;
• excellent people skills;
• a love of teaching a second language;
• a working knowledge of the communicative apporach;
• a strong desire to motivate professionals who may be very tired at the end of a very taxing day.

Although academic skills are highly regarded, we value most the character of our teachers. You will be treated as a professional and you will become part of the family here at New Avenues Linguistic Services inc.. Our teachers are our strength so our clients have come to expect excellence. We invite you to apply.

Recruiting translators (English to French and French to English)


Minimum of a B.A. in translation;
Previous experience in translation;
Professional certification;
Must be bondable.

If you are interested in working with New Avenues Linguistic Services inc. as a language instructor or translator, please e-mail your resume with three (3) professional references to rose@newavenues.ca.

Please note that most work is done on a part-time basis and (for instructors) involves mostly evening teaching.