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Understanding how to change one word for another is not what translation is all about. To translate from one language into another also means being able to understand the culture and humour of the target language as well.  Some things just don’t translate and a search needs to be undertaken to make an equivalent idea convey what the author wishes to communicate.


Human intervention and understanding of the language in exacting terms is a required element. There must also be an ability to find the necessary resources through the internet and other written works to locate various technical terms and company names, etc. Terms of various special subjects need to be consistent throughout a translation, so using a translator is a must.


Each completed work needs to be re-read by someone who will revise the text when needed and double-check terms, spelling, grammar and style to keep consistency between documents past and present for particular clients.


New Avenues Linguistic Services inc. offers the expertise and professionalism of its translators. We have many years’ experience in healthcare and social services vocabulary and our experts love to excel both in quality of work and in speed of turn-around time.

Whether you decide to let us handle the bulk of your translation needs or simply turn to us for occasional requests, you benefit from our experience.


We offer high quality translation, revision and editing; quick turnaround times; complete confidentiality and competitive rates.


Requests are received and translations sent through e-mail. We can work with most computer programs. Everything which is translated is double-checked before going out to the clients.


We are trusted with the mentoring of students from the University of Ottawa program in translation and thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to work with this next generation of budding translators.


We also guarantee confidentiality. We will not divulge, share documents for translation, whether in whole or in part, except when dealing with translators, revisers and/or support staff for the purpose of translating, revising, proofreading and entering documents in our database.

We maintain the confidentiality of information entrusted to us and store all documents in a secure fashion.